How bad do you want to get good this season?

Attention to detail is a necessity in taking your game to a new level and simple drills can go a very long way.  Here’s an awesome drill you can do at home, or in the office, that will help improve your swing sequence!

Benefits of the drill…

Helps with mobility
Syncs arms/chest with lower body
Allows for better connection
Helps to understand proper pivot

Step by step…

  1. Get into your golf posture, feet shoulder-width apart, arms relaxed.
  2. Start with the ball directly in front of your chest with a square face.
  3. As you rotate into your backswing focus on your lower body staying centered as your arms following the center of your chest.
  4. Once your lead arm is parallel to the ground in the backswing, you’ll have a slight pause, and then your hands will swing in front of your hips as you finish tall towards the target, with the arms in front of your chest.

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