I recently heard on the radio about a study from the UK on obesity and its influence on today’s society. This study detailed how millennials are set to become the most overweight generation. It stated that 7 in 10 millennials will be overweight or obese between the ages of 35-44. Comparatively, about 5 in 10 baby boomers were overweight or obese at the same age.

However, there has been positive research in recent years regarding the impact that sports have on childhood obesity rates. The National Council of Youth Sports estimates that more than 60 million boys and girls participate in organized sport throughout the United States and approximately 65% of youth under the age of 17 will participate in at least one organized sport during their childhood and adolescence. A study out of George Washington University identified FUN as the primary reason for participation in organized sport and its absence as the number one reason for youth sports attrition. For those of us with fond memories of our participation in youth sports, it is no surprise that fun is what keeps kids coming back for more!

On the flip side, one-third of participants drop out of sports on an annual basis and as much as 70% will have dropped out by adolescence! While the lack of fun being the deciding factor for children leaving sports is certainly a discouraging thought, it motivates me to emphasis excitement and fun with the kids and adult clients alike.

My goal as KOHR Golf’s Athletic Performance Coach is to help golfers improve their golf game with longer drives and improved consistency. Equally as important is to help create a culture of enjoyment and passion for golf. The next time you are at KOHR Golf or participating in a sport that gets you excited and truly makes you happy— stop and savor that moment. Then, bring that passion each time you practice. That will both improve your fitness AND even contribute to improving your golf game!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me, or stop in and say hello.  Also, look for more details over the next week or two about the opportunity to join one of KOHR Golf’s coaches, Chris Hawley, and me as we will be starting an 8-Week course to improve your swing speed and driving distance. We will be working on flexibility and strength training to help improve your golf swing while, most importantly, having FUN. Spots will be limited, being offered first to KOHR Golf Members. GET READY TO SIGN UP!