Daniel Boisvert

Daniel is a certified U.S. Kids Coach, Golf Performance Coach, and PING Club Fitter.  Once he received his college degree and passed the Players Ability Test (PAT), in 2013 he began working with Bill McInerney at My Golfing Goals Academy.  Though Dan teaches private and group lessons to players of all ages, the majority of his time and energy has been spent on junior golf development.

Daniel has a tremendous passion for growing the game of golf, and his personal teaching system is based on the idea that his students have a full understanding of what they are working on, why they are working on it, and what they may notice throughout that process.  As a coach, Daniel feels at home at KOHR Academy because of the clarity and simplicity of the Academy’s overall teaching philosophy for golfers of all skill levels.

Though Dan spent time playing and training in the South, he is a native of Worcester, MA, and currently lives in Natick.