I have been a club fitter for nearly 10 years now.  It amazes me how far technology has come in that time; every single year I learn more and more about the technology behind fitting golf clubs to certain swing types.  Every golfer is different and purchasing a set of clubs off the shelf, or from a buddy, will definitely save you some money but it will most likely cost you strokes too.

Would it excite you to know that being properly fit for clubs could add 20 yards of distance to your drives, with the exact same swing you have right now?  Well, believe me when I tell you it can!  How far would an extra 20 yards take your game?  How much easier would it be to hit a 7-iron into a green instead of a hybrid?

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that any golfer that chooses to invest time, or money, in their golf game should be professionally fit. There are tremendous benefits to having the proper shaft with the correct stiffness, length, and weight – as well as the correct club head, loft/lie angle, and grip. A professional club fitting could go a long way towards eliminating that 60-yard slice and help you keep the ball in play way more often!  Now wouldn’t that make your weekend money matches a bit more enjoyable?

As a golf performance coach and fitter, I constantly try to emphasize the benefits of having properly fit clubs.  With the correct clubs, a player WILL see immediate improvements in distance, trajectory, dispersion, and overall consistency.

Another HUGE benefit to being professionally fit is that it ensures that your club specs are are accurate, and that each club goes the distance it should go. Believe it or not, iron lofts tend to change over time.  You may have a sand wedge that was 56º when you took it out of the box a few years back, but the more you use it the more it has a tendency to bend slightly or in some situations it could be several degrees.  But let’s say that sand wedge of yours did bend 3º – that’s almost a full club difference. In that case , you might as well have hit your gap wedge – which probably changed too… ugh!  See where I am going with this?

At KOHR Golf Center we offer a variety of club fitting options for both junior and adult golfers.

For junior golfers, we highly recommend suiting your Junior Golfer up with a set of US Kids Clubs. US Kids clubs are absolutely the best clubs I have come across.  Super easy fitting system and the best quality out there for beginners and younger competitive juniors golfers.  A quick easy static measurement will do the job.  Check out the US Kids Golf Club fitting chart on the right.  Like I said, super easy!

For adults and advanced junior players, we have a partnership with Cool Clubs – in my professional opinion also the best in the biz!  Cool Clubs operates out of our brand new golf studio and is available for custom fittings 6 days a week ALL YEAR LONG. The Cool Clubs headquarters is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and they often get visits from PGA and LPGA Tour Players, the best players in the world!

Glen Sutton, the owner of Cool Clubs Boston, says “The combination of the Cool Club approach to fitting and KOHR Golf’s new facility will provide customers with one of the best club-fitting experiences in the entire country.  Our technology combined with the ability to see ball flight at KOHR makes for a truly unique experience.”

So in closing, I cannot stress enough how important an annual checkup can be.  Seeing a local club fitter is a huge component to lowering your scores and enjoying the game more.  Changes made to your swing or to your body make it almost a necessity.  If you grow, if your posture at address changes, or if you make any improvements to your swing, then an equipment change should be considered. A quick tweak to the loft and lie of your irons, or even swapping out your shafts to improve launch conditions could be HUGE!

Be sure to put a club fitting on your to-do’s this year and you will NOT regret it!

by Coach Daniel Boisvert