Greg Cartin

Dr. Greg Cartin is the founder of GC3 Performance Consulting based in Belmont, MA. Dr. Cartin has an extensive background in both youth development through sport as well sport psychology consultation.  After completing his Masters in Counseling Psychology from Boston University, Dr. Cartin spent 5 years as a counselor to high school athletes at Somerville High School in Somerville, MA.  His doctoral dissertation involved an in-school physical education intervention at Boston English High School.  Upon completing his doctoral work, Dr. Cartin founded GC3 Performance Consulting where he is able to continue to provide sport psychology consulting services to athletes of all levels and ages as well as continue to provide support to local youth programs. While specializing in mindfulness techniques to help cultivate freedom and enhance performance, Dr. Cartin’s approach is client-centered, always putting the needs of his clients first. While the bulk of his clients are golfers, ranging from multiple winners on the PGA tour to high handicap amateurs, he also consults with athletes from various other sports.  He can be reached though his website

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Sports Psych Consultant specializing in golf
  • Found of GC3 Performance Consulting
  • Works with golfers of all ages and abilities