Cool Clubs.

KOHR Golf is excited to announce its partnership with Cool Clubs at KOHR’s training facility in Natick, MA. Cool Clubs fits and tailors custom golf clubs for your swing.

98% of golfers are playing with equipment that does not fit them properly. Cool Clubs puts the right club in your hands. Cool Clubs builds all clubs in-house in a state-of-the-art facility. This allows Cool Clubs to provide golf clubs built with care and quality, ensuring players realize the benefits predicted by our fittings. All of our fittings include an initial assessment followed by an extensive Premier or Tour fitting session. We carry all of the top brands, and with over 20,000 shaft and head combinations, Cool Clubs can fit you with the best custom golf clubs available.

Unlike anyone else, all of the equipment we fit is tested in-house using Cool Clubs’ expertly developed software and testing equipment. Additionally, with experienced fitters and the finest selection of club components, every club is as precisely tuned to your unique swing dynamics as possible, delivering significantly improved on-course results. To ensure our measurements are exact, we built our own top-of-the-line shaft analysis machine, the S3, which allows all new shafts to be automatically checked and analyzed for conformance to specifications of over 100,000 measurements.

If you have further questions, please visit Cool Clubs or contact Glen Sutton at or Ian Connell at