Is my child best suited for Level I or Level II?

  • The Level I and level II programs vary in age, skill level, and the weekly time commitment. Generally, the age range of 8-11 for Level I and 11-16 for Level II, however, placement is based on a combination of both experience and age. If there is a 9 year old that is experienced, takes lessons, and plays in tournaments, the best place for them may be Level II. Conversely, a relatively inexperienced 14 year old, may enjoy level I more.

How is Level I different than Level II?

  • The main goal of Level I is to provide the golfers with fun games and activities that allow them to practice and learn certain fundamentals of golf without them even having to think about it! We use the “Power of Play” to build the essential skills that all golfers need, no matter of their age. Coaches Jud and Dan create a focused and fun environment to consistently improve the player’s golf skills, and, most importantly, always have fun! Level I also includes two on-course sessions per season.
  • Level II is still centered around the idea of fun, however, we dive deeper into each individual golfer’s techniques and look to help players improve that in all facets of the game. Level II practice sessions consist of a combination of hands-on instruction and customized practice drills and games, each tailored to the needs of the golfer. In Level II, the goal is that golfers learn to understand their swing and their game. The coaches develop a plan to improve their strengths and build a foundation to minimize their weaknesses.  Level II also includes four on-course sessions per season.

What is the price for each Level per season?

  • Level I –  $1,495
  • Level II  – $2,995

My child(ren) cannot make it to one of the sessions each week, can I join at a prorated rate?

  • Since the training camp is a development program, we design the curriculum to have fun and promote growth throughout each session. If your golfer consistently can’t make one session per week, it will certainly preclude the child from getting the out of the program; we would tend to discourage golfers who miss a session or two per week from enrolling in the program.

What are on-course sessions?

  • On-course sessions take place at Sassamon Trace Golf Course in Natick, it is located less than 10 mins from the KOHR Golf. Each group has a tee time and a coach for all on-course sessions. The coach will carry the bags on a golf cart and the players walk the course. The goal of our on-course sessions is to ensure that the skills practiced at the facility on a daily basis, carry over to the course. Outside of technique, we focus on course management by picking smart targets and proper club selection, and we always emphasize proper golf course etiquette. We want the young golfers to know how to act on a golf course and be able to plan their way around the golf courses playing to their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.

How do I know what my son/daughter is working on during the sessions?

  • Each golfer at every session will be receiving instruction every day. Whether it is chipping/pitching, putting, or full swing. In Level II, we provide a journal where the golfers write down the knowledge that we share. We use a specific format that the golfers can follow to get the most out of each session. We strongly encourage you to ask about the journals and see if they are making the most out of this, because we certainly do!

What does each session look like?

  • Our staff’s true strengths include making the game of golf fun, increasing the golfer’s interested in the game, and learning about their own game. We design each session with a goal of engaging each player and having a blast in the process. Long gone are the days of sitting on the range and hitting 100 golf balls in 20 minutes. Sessions are broken into three main areas of focus – putting, short game, and full swing. We will spend a majority of these sessions going through a rotation where every kid visits each station and spends some time with the coach located in each area of focus. Most likely, the session ends with a big game that incorporates all facets of the game. Some games include prizes – Hats, Gatorade, or even a KOHR Golf Bag could be on the line!

As a parent, can I attend a session?

  • Absolutely, but we do ask that you let the coaches coach and observe from afar!

Can my golfer get there early or stay late and practice?

  • Of course! We encourage it, and the facility is open to them for an hour before or after a session, a lot of our students take advantage of this and WE LOVE IT.

I’ve signed my child up for Training Camp, where do we go and what do we need?

  • In the spring, summer, and fall the sessions are located up on the range. When you arrive, we will be on the public putting green which is near the top parking lot and opposite the range.
  • For Training Camp we do expect the golfers to have their own clubs, even just a basic set that includes a driver, mid-iron, wedge, and putter.
  • Golf shoes are not necessary, so we heavily encourage sneakers and comfortable and weather appropriate clothes!

Where do we park?

  • Due to the nature of the timing of the sessions, there are usually a good amount of people already using the range, so we ask that on the first day you can park in the upper lot and walk your child up, but in the following sessions, drop off and pick up is most likely best – down in the lower lot – behind Ziti’s restaurant. This is best for easy access in and out (trust us) and it is just a short walk for the golfer up the hill. A little exercise doesn’t hurt!