Frequently Asked Questions


Elite Programming:

Our year-round initiative, crafted by global junior golf specialists, holistically nurtures a child’s potential. This encompasses mental, fitness, technical, performance, and personal skills training. Elite Academy Program Guide | Mental Training Curriculum

Coaching Team:

Our credentialed team is driven by passion and expertise, boasting achievements such as Masters in Sports Coaching, PGA class-A memberships, and World Long Drive championships, among others.

Our Student:

Admission to the Elite Academy involves a comprehensive assessment of age, skill level, drive, determination, and concentration. Not all applicants are accepted.


We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art facilities, from Trackman-equipped bays to advanced indoor centers featuring the latest in radar, 3D, and Ground Force technologies.


Complete our screening process to assess compatibility. If successful, you’ll be sent enrollment instructions and insights into our philosophy. Arrange a Tryout

What should I bring to my tryout?

Your golf clubs (if available), gym-appropriate shoes, a proactive mindset, and any pressing questions you might have.

Where do I go for my try out?

Head to the center of the golf range and inquire about the Elite Academy at the ball shed.

What time will my practice sessions be?

Check our 2024 Schedule

Why are sessions 3 hours?

To ensure comprehensive training, we allocate time for varied exercises. Extended sessions also help train focus, essential for competitive play.

Why is it a year-round program?

We champion a long-term athletic development approach, prioritizing sustainable improvement over quick fixes.

What if a session is cancelled or changed?

While rain doesn’t deter us, certain conditions like dangerous driving conditions or lightning might lead to session adjustments. Stay updated via the TEAM app.

What group will I be in?

Post-tryout, our team will determine the best-fit group based on your performance and attributes.

What is the on-boarding process?

After acceptance, you’ll receive sequential steps for smooth integration, including video resources, app recommendations, and initial assessment details. KOHR Portal

What apps do I need to download once I have joined?

Please download Coach Now and Team app. For issues, contact coach Brandon at brandon@teamkohr.comTeam app | Coach Now

Will you help me with college placement?

Absolutely! We guide you through college placements with our specialized guide, access to the College Golf Guide portal, and periodic Zoom calls. Special discounts for KOHR Academy members apply. College Placement Guide | College Golf Guide

Will you help me with my tournament schedule?

Yes, we provide a guide, annual tournament list, and specific recommendations tailored to each student. Tournament Guide eBook | 2024 Tournament Schedule

What if I play in a tournament and a KOHR coach is not there?

All students should maintain a round journal for post-tournament reflections, enabling personalized feedback. KOHR Portal

I have graduated high school/I am a college golfer. Can I still join KOHR Elite Academy?