Is KOHR open to the public? 

YES! KOHR Golf is open to anyone and everyone!

Does KOHR offer lessons?

YES! KOHR has 8 amazing coaches who currently offer a variety of lessons, clinics, and small group sessions. Please visit KOHR’s staff page for more information, or to book a session directly through our website.

Does KOHR Golf provide rental clubs?

YES! We have both adult and children’s clubs.

Is KOHR Golf open all year?

YES! KOHR Golf is open all year long, weather permitting. Please check our home page for details.

Does KOHR Golf have an indoor facility?

YES! We are very excited to announce that we opened a state-of-the-art indoor facility! We have 5 beautiful Trackman simulator bays and a putting green. The bays are open daily and you can book single sessions or buy multi-hour packs to save a few dollars.

Does KOHR Golf have a custom club fitter on site?

YES! Our state-of-the-art golf studio is open. Our club fitting business is powered by Cool Clubs. Cool Clubs operates 12 months a year. Drop by the studio to check it out or visit coolclubs.com for scheduling details.

Will KOHR Golf continue to offer Memberships this year?

YES! We are selling memberships for the general public. In 2023, we will continue to offer the club membership and the season pass “range balls only” memberships, we also offer student and junior season pass memberships. We will eventually offer additional memberships for families and even businesses.

Does KOHR offer anything besides golf?

Yes! KOHR has a certified strength and conditioning coach on site who offers both private and small group training. We also have a physical therapist available.

What is the vision for KOHR Golf?

We set out to design a top-notch golf training facility that would become a destination for people to train in the Boston area. The facility was professionally designed to encourage all levels of golfers to practice a variety of shots replicating on-course play. Our hope is that players use our training facility to become passionate about their game.

Does KOHR have grass tees?

YES! However, at this time, the grass tees are only open for private events, some private lessons, and occasional academy player usage

Does KOHR have covered bays? 

KOHR does not have covered bays. KOHR does have a brand new state-of-the-art golf center. KOHR Indoor is open all year long.