While many golf enthusiasts view winter as a prime opportunity to refine their swing mechanics, it’s essential to recognize that simply hitting balls into a net won’t translate those changes to the golf course. To ensure that your winter training pays off and elevates your game, follow these five key principles:

1. Prioritize Physical Conditioning:

Invest time in the gym to prepare your body for golf. Often, golfers attempt swing changes that their bodies cannot accommodate due to lacking mobility, stability, or flexibility. Focusing on golf-specific exercises will condition your body for more effective swings.

2. Diversify Your Practice:

Avoid becoming too inwardly focused on the club’s movement around your body. Golfers are athletes, and the game demands athleticism. Incorporate game-like drills into your indoor practice routine. Try a 6-ball game, where you aim to hit specific parts of the clubface, varying the height of the tee to challenge your skills.

3. Embrace Task Variety:
Golf practice isn’t about holding onto one feeling but learning to adapt and recall different sensations. Change your practice tasks every 5-10 shots. Having multiple tasks in a session will reinforce your learning better than monotonous ball striking.

4. Seek Professional Guidance:

Avoid relying solely on internet advice. Invest in sessions with a PGA pro who can provide personalized guidance. They will explain what you need to work on, how to do it effectively, and why it matters for your game. Steer clear of quick fixes that prioritize social media likes over your golfing needs.

5. Make It Enjoyable and Journal:

Before each practice session, set clear goals (your “PAR! PLAN”). Document your progress and thoughts as you practice (“ACT”). Afterward, reflect on your performance and use these reflections to plan your next session. This journaling process can be fulfilling and make your winter practice more enjoyable.

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