In our journey to excellence, we often look up to the brightest stars in golf, imagining the path to success is paved by following in the footsteps of singular, exceptional talents. This is the allure of the ‘super-chicken model,’ where we might believe that stacking our academy with top individual performers is the key to our collective success. However, research and experience offer a compelling counter-narrative, one that we are inspired to adopt here at our academy.


Margaret Heffernan, in her insightful exploration of organizational behavior, introduces us to an enlightening study on productivity and success — not among athletes or executives, but chickens. The findings? Groups that valued collective success over individual dominance not only thrived but outperformed those comprised of ‘super-chickens,’ or top individual performers who often achieved their status at the expense of their peers.


What does this mean for us? It’s simple yet profound: our greatest potential is unlocked not by the sheer talent of individual students but by the strength of our community. Our culture thrives when we support each other, learn collaboratively, and celebrate our shared achievements as much as our individual milestones.


Here’s how we’ll embody this philosophy:


Emphasize Team Success: While individual achievements are important, we’ll celebrate team accomplishments just as loudly. Success in tournaments, improved team handicaps, and collaborative efforts in training will be our collective trophies.


Foster a Supportive Environment: Coaches and senior students are encouraged to mentor newcomers, sharing knowledge and experiences that nurture a supportive, inclusive atmosphere. Every question is a moment for learning, every challenge a team effort to overcome.


Recognize Diverse Contributions: Success in golf isn’t just about the lowest score. It’s also about sportsmanship, improvement, resilience, and leadership. We’ll recognize and celebrate these qualities, understanding that they’re essential to our collective success.


Encourage Open Communication: Feedback, discussions, and open lines of communication between students, coaches, and staff are vital. A culture where everyone feels heard and valued is one where everyone can thrive.


By moving beyond the ‘super-chicken model,’ we’re not just cultivating better golfers; we’re nurturing well-rounded individuals who value teamwork, respect, and the collective over the individual. This is our commitment to creating the best possible culture at our academy, where together, we’ll achieve more than we ever could alone.


Together, we’re not just a team; we’re a family. Let’s make every swing, every putt, and every moment count — not just for us, but for each other.


With shared purpose and passion. 

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