A good pre-shot routine in golf is more than just a series of physical steps before hitting the ball; it’s a ritual that prepares both the body and mind for the task ahead. This blog post delves into the power of a golf pre-shot routine and how it can significantly improve your game.

The Essence of a Pre-Shot Routine

At its core, a pre-shot routine is a consistent set of actions and thoughts that a golfer performs before every shot. This routine can vary greatly from player to player, but its purpose remains the same: to foster a state of focused calmness, ensuring that the golfer is fully prepared to make the best swing possible.

Psychological Benefits

The mental aspect of golf cannot be overstated. The game demands high levels of concentration, and a solid pre-shot routine helps by providing a psychological “cue” that it’s time to focus. It acts as a mental switch, telling the brain to transition from the casual chatter of a golf round to the singular focus required for the upcoming shot.
Moreover, a pre-shot routine can significantly reduce anxiety and stress on the course. By engaging in a familiar sequence of actions, the golfer gains a sense of control, which is calming. This routine becomes a refuge during high-pressure situations, providing a mental blueprint that guides the player through the moment.

Physical Preparation

Physically, a pre-shot routine gets the golfer’s body ready for the shot. It may include elements like taking a deep breath, performing a few practice swings, or aligning the body to the target. These actions ensure that the golfer’s stance, grip, and alignment are consistent, which are critical for a successful shot.

Consistency and Performance

One of the biggest benefits of a pre-shot routine is the consistency it brings to one’s game. By performing the same sequence before every shot, golfers can create a repeatable process that leads to more consistent results. This consistency is crucial for building confidence; when a golfer knows they have prepared as best as they can for each shot, they are more likely to perform well.

Developing Your Routine

Creating a pre-shot routine that works for you is a personal journey. It should be simple enough to be easily repeatable but detailed enough to prepare you fully for the shot. Most importantly, it should be practiced regularly, not just on the course but also in training sessions. Consistency in your routine leads to consistency in your shots.


The power of a pre-shot routine in golf cannot be underestimated. It provides psychological stability, physical readiness, and a path to consistency, all of which are foundational to improving your game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend golfer, developing and sticking to a pre-shot routine can be one of the most beneficial changes you make to your approach to golf. Remember, the goal is not to mimic the routines of the best players in the world but to find a sequence that puts you in the best frame of mind and body to execute your shot. Coach Iain developed the OSVEA frame work based on the above information.
Coach Iain developed the OSVEA frame work based on the above information. Click this link to watch him explain how he has used this to help professional players win at the highest level.